Letters from Indonesian inmates in prison in Hong Kong - 2017


May 29 and June 9, 2017: Letter in English (May 29) and Indonesian (June 9) from an Indonesian asylum seeker in prison in HK for drug trafficking. She is urgently hoping someone can use the info in her letters to locate the people who set her up. Anyone with info, please contact Fr John: jdwomi@gmail.com 

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Inmate's previous letter with photos of Gita Gealgeol and her boyfriend Rezza Dhitama ("Supriyadi") is here (Dec 16)


April 11, 2017: Letter from an Indonesia asylum seeker in prison in HK on a drug trafficking charge. How she was set up to collect a "parcel" at a HK hotel:

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Feb 16, 2017: Letter from an Indonesian woman, Ruth, in prison in HK for drug trafficking - how she was recruited and tricked by a West African man using the name "Peter" to take drugs to HK

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Peter arranged this visa for Ruth in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on Dec 23, 2016 at Abidjan airport where Peter works

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