December 16, 2016 - From an Indonesian inmate in prison in HK on a drug trafficking charge - translation of original letter in Indonesian (...thank you kind translator..)

To: Father John

Hello Father, my name is ....

I am sorry that I only can write to you now. 

I have a boyfriend in Hong Kong , his name is Supriadi and he is 39 years old.  He has a female friend, her name is Gita, but it's not her real name, she is around 38 years old.  I didn't know her real name.  Gita has a boyfriend, Azha, he is a black man and around 38 years old.  I didn't know his country of origin.

Supriadi asked me borrow an address for a business.  I ever asked him, "what kind of business?" then he said it's clothing business.  Then, I borrow my friend's address in Sham Shui Po.  I was asked to pick up parcel for three times: one at a friend's house and twice at post office.  Before picking it up the parcel, I was asked by Supriadi to call the post office and ask whether the parcel is arrived or not yet because he can't speak Cantonese.

Supriadi and I went to Sham Shui Po on July 14, 2016 to pick up a parcel.  I forgot to bring my cellphone so he lent me a black Nokia cell phone.  We arrived at Sham Shui Po around 12:00 a.m. and both of us waited inside my friend's house.  My friend was not at home but she gave me the house key.

Then an officer knocked the door but Supriadi didn't let me open the door.  After 5 minutes, the officer left because we didn't open the door.  Supriadi then saw from the window 2 officers in their post office uniform left by car.  Maybe Supriadi wanted to make sure that they were post officers instead of police that's why he didn't let me open the door.  After he made sure that they were post officer, he persuaded me to go to Sham Shui Po post office and asked me to ask the officer about the parcel.  The officer gave me a telephone number and I called the number.  Somebody answered the call and said that they would deliver the parcel in 10 minutes.  Supriadi persuaded to go back to my friend's house.  My two female friends went home around 2:30 p.m.   Supriadi said he would wait for me outside.  He left me with my two female friends in that house.  The officer knocked the door and my friend opened it.  The office asked about me so I went to see the officer in front of the door.  I signed the receipt, then, the officer gave me the parcel and I received it.  After that the officer forced to come in the house together with around 12 officers.  At that time the officer seized me.  My handphone rang and the officer confiscated my cellphone and turned it off.  After that I didn't know where was Supriadi, who said would wait for me outside.  I was interrogated.  I told everything to the officer that I was asked and finally the officer brought me to my home in Yuen Long and frisked it.  They didn't find anything.  After that, they brought me to the airport to be asked for more information.  I was interrogated for one night and then I was brought to court in Tsuen Wan on July 16, 2017 morning for the first trial and then was brought to Tailam.  That's my story Father. 

I wish you can help me in my case.

That's my letter and I am looking forward to get your letter.