July 22, 2016: Letters from an Indonesian woman in prison in Hong Kong


This story has all the elements of a "set-up". After reading it I found myself asking these questions:

* Is the inmate's friend an asylum seeker? If so, where did she get money for a private lawyer?

* What is the friend's relationship to the African man "Boy"?

* "Boy" knew the parcel was on its way several hours before it was delivered. It was delivered by Customs officials. Why was "Boy" in contact with Customs? How did Customs have "Boy's" phone number? If the parcel was in the name of the inmate's friend, why did Customs contact "Boy"? Does not this imply a set-up by Customs? Does not this imply that "Boy" is an informer, in partnership with Customs?

* I can understand Customs arranging a set-up for a known or suspected criminal. But what can justify set-ups, entrapments of totally innocent people like the inmate? Is not this a very unhealthy, to say the least, practice of Customs? Why is Customs doing this? And doing it in partnership with drug lords like "Boy"! How do you spell "corruption"?  See a similar case - the story of Esther

Here are the inmate's letters - one of July 22 and one of August 30:

2016-07-22-inmate-01.jpg (311365 bytes)   2016-07-22-inmate-02.jpg (398987 bytes)  2016-07-22-inmate-03.jpg (394220 bytes)  2016-07-22-inmate-04.jpg (331126 bytes)  

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